Wild Joker Stacks Slot Review: Number of Reels, RTP & Volatility

With Wild Joker Stacks Slot, Boomerang Games has accomplished a remarkable feat. When you go into all the facts and data, you’ll find that this fruit machine, which initially appears to be rather simple, is actually quite intricate. Nevertheless, it is simple to ignore everything else and choose the setup you prefer.

But trying to understand the intricate nature of the stats and regulations was similar to learning Javascript recursion. When you think you’ve solved the problem, it suddenly gets stuck in an endless cycle and your laptop begins to smoke. Not to worry, let’s put on a brave face and start playing a very difficult game.

The background is very appealing, like a swirling universe complete with constellations and the like. That portion is excellent; the rest hurts the eyes. But is it simply terrible or is it attempting to be retro? One piece of advice for mobile users: Play it in landscape mode since portrait mode makes it difficult to see the numbers or see the symbols. Anyway, let’s assume the best and go with it for the time being.

When the paytable is opened, a bevy of cliched symbols from the genre are visible. A single BAR, double BAR, and triple BAR are on the low side. Fruit pieces such as a slice of watermelon, a strawberry, a lemon, and cherries make up the middle. A bell and a large pink “7” are the final two high payouts. While the high pays only require two symbols to produce a winning combination, the low and middle payments require at least three.

At eight times the smallest configuration stake, five “7” symbols provide the best return. The win ways configuration, which uses 99, 178, or 259 connecta ways as they like to call it, makes it simple to land combinations. In order to win, you must have matching symbols touch on successive reels going from left to right. That way, win lines are easier to see.

At this time, it’s not entirely known how much it will cost to participate in the fruity fun. Everything in the game is expressed in coin value during testing, however it is unclear what coin options will be offered. The fact that players can pick the number of rows they want to use and the wild multiplier’s value further adds to the confusion. Let’s dissect it. The game has five reels, and players can choose to use three, four, or five rows at any moment.

Additionally, players can modify the wild multipliers from x2 to x3, or even x4. The volatility can be changed to Low-Med, Med, or Med-High, accordingly, by setting the wild value. The RTP is likewise affected by these options, ranging from 95.6% for the simplest setup (3 rows + x2 wilds) to an amazing 97.78% for five rows and x4 wilds.

Naturally, you must pay for the privilege, with the least expensive choice costing between 25 and 3,125 coins per spin. The price ranges from 120 to 15,000 coins at the upper end. It’s not entirely obvious if these are just arbitrary placeholder values for now or actual coins, but maybe you get the idea. In gambling games, you must see the article on how to calculate the lottery which will come out tomorrow in Hong Kong, so the chances of winning are greater.

Wild Joker Stacks Slot – Features

At least this portion is simple. The scatter is the game’s most desired symbol. Five of them, for one, are worth 100 times the bet. Furthermore, 3 or more start the bonus game and award 9 Free Spins. Free spins are unique since the wild multiplier is doubled. This results in x2 becoming x4, x3 becoming x6, and x4 becoming x8. It is possible to restart this free game round.

Wild Joker Stacks Slot – Conclusion

A true puzzler is Wild Joker Stacks Slot. How can a slot machine in the Vegas style be so sophisticated when its stated simplicity is one of its selling points? Not simply the regulations, either. The entire game process is strange and perplexing.

It’s a study in the strange, from the awful user interface and grid/symbols to the exquisite background and soundtrack, from the low symbol values to the sky-high potential. If they had had access to the technology to confuse audiences in the 1920s, Dali, Buuel, and Man Ray would have collaborated to create this slot.

Despite the fact that there are numerous combinations, just two will likely be the most frequently used. That is full power, which is more expensive but offers a far higher RTP and rewards with 5 rows and an x4 wild. Or the 3 row, x 2 combo, in which case there would be no point. Then you’re just playing a generic, poorly made 5×3 fruit game.

On top of that, irritations begin to accumulate. One is that you are unable to touch the screen to expedite winnings as the numbers accumulate. After winning, you often have two options: either take a victory lap or watch the win amount increase like the US debt clock.

Alternately, you can press the screen to bypass the count and instead focus on the final tally. There is no shortcut in Wild Joker Stacks Slot, thus that luxury is not available. You watch each and every triumph count in silence. Undoubtedly a first-world issue, but it can be inconvenient.

The minor features like that matter when there are five million other Vegas/fruit slots to pick from. Why choose Wild Joker Stacks Slot despite the annoyances and late 1990s graphics? Well, the RTP at the upper end is astounding, and it does come with a huge carrot—28,200 times the maximum investment. However, can you envision how long it would take to visually count out that many coins? The profit will be gone due to inflation by the time you are able to collect.

With Wild Joker Stacks Slot, Boomerang Games may have redefined everything we thought we knew about slot machines. Could it be art? Or is it just a fruit machine with a lot of potential that is ugly and annoying? The discussion continues. Apart from luck in playing gambling, you also have to have a lot of knowledge, such as dreaming of having sex with someone known as the lottery.