Sugar Cubes Slot Review: Volatility, RTP & Free Spins Frequency

Sugar Cubes Slot Review. Even though Dice Lab was only founded in 2018, collaborating with Relax Gaming could help raise their profile. Their little portfolio includes SlotDice, a specialized casino dice game based on Yahtzee, but they haven’t drawn much attention to yet.

It offers payments of up to 5,000 times the bet in place of rolling the dice to beat your younger sister. It’s a straightforward game designed for a certain audience. With Sugar Cubes Slot, Dice Lab enters the slots market quite well using Relax Gaming’s Silver Bullet technology.

In Sugar Cubes Slot, Dice Lab stays true to its name by using a lot of dice images and references. In fact, the setting of the game is a “dice lab,” where six-sided things are produced in the background. Similar to SlotDice, it is an oddball and unusual game that is full of charming details like that. Although Sugar Cubes won’t appeal to everyone, some players will like the way it looks and feels.

The first people that come to mind as the target market are fans of Candy Crush-style video games. There are a lot of them out there—Candy Crush received roughly 3 billion downloads in only five years and brought approximately $34 million per month for its creator.

The sensory experiences in Sugar Cubes first capture the same spirit. Through the symbols and texts, graphics emit a sweet, sugary aroma that gives off the impression of falling into a bag of various kinds of liquorice.

The initial step in starting the 5×5 grid is for players to select stakes, which range from 20 cents each spin to £/€100 per spin. The cluster payouts feature that Dice Lab has included produces a reward when four or more neighboring symbols are present. A white 1, a brown 2, a gold 3, a green 4, an orange 5, and a black 6 are among the six standard pay symbols.

The paytable has a clever new way to calculate values. Select the symbol you are interested in, then adjust the bet and cluster size sliders. Four consecutive “1s” are worth 0.4 times the bet on the low end, while 16 “6s” are worth 3.2 times the stake on the high end.

Symbol values don’t exactly amount to a king’s ransom on their own, but Sugar Cube Slot cascade mechanic helps. When a winning cluster lands, it is taken out of the grid so that fresh symbols might fall into the voids.

Here, it works incredibly well, and a single spin can result in lengthy winning streaks. A volatility rating of 4 out of 5 and a higher-than-average RTP of 97.06% further favor the game. Overall, the math model and statistics provided the game with a wonderful flow, lots of cascades, and a ton of special symbols to ensure a continual supply of strikes. Apart from luck in playing gambling, you also have to have a lot of knowledge, such as the meaning of the dream of riding a lottery train.

Sugar Cubes Slot – Features

The 4 Special Symbols in Sugar Cubes contribute to increasing the win percentage. The first one resembles a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate but is wild. Any standard dice pay symbol can be replaced by it. A wild always appears on a new spin, and one also appears with every winning cluster.

The Magic Sign, a black and gold wand, comes next. When two of these lands side by side, they change everything in their path into the highest symbol, resulting in a cluster win. Then there is the TNT sign, which is the Bomb; when two of these appear side by side, the symbols in the vicinity are destroyed for a cluster win.

Last but not least, the “S” symbol serves as the scatter and awards 6, 9, or 15 free spins when 2, 3, or 4 of them appear adjacent to each other. With a few exceptions, the majority of the regular game’s rules apply to the bonus game. One is that there aren’t any other symbols other than the wild.

Two gummy bears carrying dice spring in front of the grid at the beginning of each Free Spin. The current spin is then over when the numbers on the dice have been eliminated. This raises the likelihood that any of the four remaining dice symbols will result in a winner.

The symbol is deleted, a wild is added to the reels, and an additional free spin is awarded if both bears display the same dice number. The bonus game also has a win multiplier that starts at x1 and goes up by +1 with each cascade, which is the last feature. But unlike what you might be accustomed to, the multiplier resets after each free spin. Visit the site as a reading source which is a reference for the best gambling players.

Sugar Cubes Slot – Conclusion

A well-made first slot from Dice Lab is called Sugar Cubes Slot. Even though it doesn’t seem like they intended to create a mega-hit, Sugar Cubes has been a successful endeavor nonetheless.

The theme and appearance are consistent with the business name and earlier releases, which helps to establish the brand. It won’t appeal to the hard-core crowd because the maximum payout is only 1,003 times the investment, but it has a wide appeal. We discussed Candy Crush, and it is easy to imagine players of that type switching to a slot with a similar aesthetic.

Sugar Cubes Slot attractive aesthetic and plethora of special symbols that propel the action are what make it so enjoyable to play. There are never extended stretches of idle spins that might cause players’ attention to stray; instead, frequent special symbol hits and cascade action ensure that this never happens.

It’s simple to see throngs of commuters playing Sugar Cubes Slot while riding buses and trains to work everywhere. The drawback is that despite the abundance of victories, they aren’t particularly lucrative, and although you enjoy the continual action, your bankroll is steadily being depleted by the game. After all, it is quite volatile.

It’s a commendable effort for a beginning position from a young organization. Dice Lab appears to have an in-depth understanding of its target market and has prepared the perfect sugar rush. Sugar Cubes Slot is not one of those extremely volatile life-changing slots, and neither can every slot machine. However, Sugar Cubes will provide thrills and happy moments for anyone looking for some light and simple app style gaming at home or on the bus.