Mega Masks Slot Review: Free Spins, Paylines & Features

Mega Masks Slot Review. A new slot machine with a rainforest theme and various intriguing features is being added to the line-up by Relax Gaming. The UKGC’s prohibition on feature purchases seems to be inspiring developers to change the way they amuse the gambling community.

One of these options is included in Mega Masks Slot as part of its MegaBet function. It doesn’t quite skip the base game and go right to the bonus round, but it has a big impact on some important game mechanics. Let’s pick up a machete and try hacking through some thick brush to see how.

A lovely, lush-looking slot with some enjoyable animations and visual effects welcomes you. The location of the game, deep within the Guatemalan jungle, is unusual in of itself because slots rarely take us there.

The 5×5 grid is set inside a rocky building known as the Mega Mask Temple Slot, giving the effect a gloomy, cramped vibe. A pair of giant stone hands holding the temple in place occasionally shake the screen to aid deliver features. An ambient music with soothing percussion, panpipes, and winning symbol chants completes the setting.

The symbols themselves are a vibrant assortment. Three rocks, one each in blue, green, and red, are located at the bottom of the table. Bright wooden masks, including those that are blue, green, and red, are more expensive.

The purple whirling wild is more valuable at 10 times the stake for a line of five of a kind, whereas the red mask pays out at 6 times the stake for a line of five of a kind. The bonus symbol is the only symbol that the wild cannot replace. The only way to win in the base game is to create combos of three or more identical symbols on one of the 41 paylines.

Since wagers begin at a minimum of 1 credit per spin, low-rollers may feel a little left out of the adventure. On the other hand, high rollers can choose conventional bets up to £/€100 or use the Mega Bet to increase that to a maximum of £/€150. RTP is good in the default mode at 96.21%, and it only gets better when the MegaBet is turned on.

Surprisingly, volatility, which players can some degree influence, also does. Again, the game’s volatility rating is 3/5 with ordinary bets, but it rises to 4/5 or 5/5 with the Mega Bet’s two alternatives. It’s time to read the dream erek erek review of being bitten by a snake, maybe this will be useful for you.

Mega Masks Slot: Features

Mega Masks Slot doesn’t have many features, and the ones it does have can need patience. The MegaBet is the most exciting bonus and it improves the game as follows:

  • The Mega Symbol Feature occurs more frequently on MegaBet Level 1, which costs an additional 20% and has a higher RTP of 96.41%. At this level, five artifacts are eliminated at the beginning of the free spins round.
  • Mega Wager Level 2 boosts the frequency of Mega Symbols by 50% and increases the base bet. Nine artifacts are removed at the start of the free spins, and this level’s RTP is the highest at 96.61%.

Watch out for the Mega Symbol feature, which might appear randomly on any spin while you play. When turned on, two or more reels are combined to produce mega-sized symbols.

The Free Spins Bonus round comes last. The key to this feature, which can appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, is the golden Bonus symbol. They grant 10 bonus spins when 3 are visible. Each of the four vines that are positioned between the five reels during free spins initially has five artifacts on it.

The relevant number of artifacts are eliminated as previously stated if the Mega Bet is activated. Fireflies fly toward the reels between spins. They knock artifacts off the vine if they land on them. When five artifacts have been taken from a vine, two additional free spins are given, and the two reels combine to form one, allowing huge symbols to land. Information on getting the best results in gambling games for sure, read more here.

Mega Masks Slot: Verdict

Mega Masks Slot may appear to be a bit complex in writing, but it’s actually a straightforward slot with a few positive aspects, not the least of which is the gloomy setting Relax Gaming has created. Additionally, it features selling points that increase its popularity, such as the Mega Bet option. However, there were a variety of effects from Mega Bet.

The nine blocks that were unlocked during the free spins round did help, but the Mega Symbol feature didn’t seem to appear much more regularly. Speaking of free spins, the glitches that accompany them can be excruciating. Everything will be OK if they land to unblock vines. They are annoying when they fly around aimlessly wasting time and accomplishing nothing.

Although the MegaBet has potential and is the most intriguing notion, don’t anticipate it to disrupt things as drastically as an explicit feature buy option. It might get rid of artifacts, which is helpful, but it doesn’t get players to the round faster. It’s not as thrilling as the large bets seen in Buffalo Rising All Action, as options go.

The ability for players to change the volatility and RTP of the game is where it really excels. In that sense, it’s a useful tool with potential applications. The accompanying potential, which Relax Gaming has limited to 250,000 coins at maximum, or 2,451.9 times the initial wager, is what makes it less appealing. Don’t expect monster rewards here, but rather tunnels of treasure for journeys through treacherous terrain.

Overall, Mega Masks Slot is a moody diversion with a few intriguing elements. Mega Bet has potential, but the average features and meager payouts overshadow it. While Mega Masks is a good effort, it is outclassed by more powerful games in the same genre, such as Temple Stacks or even Kane’s antics in ELK’s Gold series.