Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways All Action Slot Review: Bonuses, Theme & RTP

Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways All Action Slot Review. Another huge bet slot from Blueprint Gaming is coming soon after Buffalo Rising Megaways All Action. It’s debatable if they represent an effort to give UK players an opportunity to get around the feature buy prohibition or simply the developer testing out a new format.

From the perspective of a player, it doesn’t really matter either way. Both slots skip the foundation game and go directly to the action, which makes for terrific big stakes action.

There haven’t been any regulatory rumblings thus far. Does this indicate that there will soon be a flood of huge bet slots from designers looking for new ways to amuse gamblers while adhering to ever-tighter regulations? Perhaps, and the newest mouthful of a slot to receive the treatment is Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways All Action.

Diamond Mine All Action, like the original, bypasses the getting-to-know-you stage of a slot and immediately launches the bonus game. Since stake levels start at 10 credits and go up to 1,000 per bet, they are greater than normal but still reasonable (will differ from market to market). After placing their wager, players are given a choice between five dynamite stick possibilities, and the one they select reveals a random starting number of spins between 8 and 20.

Players are then sent to the Extra Gold gamble screen, which is based on the Diamond Mine Extra Gold Slot, where they can choose to accept the spins they have been given or wager to increase them. If the gamble option is chosen, a needle is spun on a wheel with green and red segments; if the needle lands on a green segment, the number of spins can be raised up to thirty.

If it lands on red, the game is ended before it even begins and you will either get fewer spins or even none at all. The good news is that the size of the red and green segments accurately represents the probabilities of winning at gambling.

Let’s move on to the game, which is conducted on a regular Megaways grid. This entails six reels with up to seven rows on each and a horizontal reel with four symbols running along the top. As usual, when the reels are fully expanded and the cascading wins feature is active, there are up to 117,649 win possibilities that are conceivable.

With the help of this feature, winning symbols are taken from the reels to make room for fresh ones to appear. In addition to producing numerous wins on a single spin, this procedure causes a win multiplier to rise by one with each cascade. There is no upper limit to the win multiplier’s potential value and it does not reset between spins.

Regarding the paytable’s symbols, nothing has changed. That entails 9-A royals with a cowboy theme on the low end, and an ax or shovel, a light, a prospector, and a diamond on the premium end. Values are far lower than in the original All Action slot, with 6 diamonds earning only 0.5 times the stake. RTP, however, has somewhat improved and now stands at 96.70%, up 0.27%.

This time around, the volatility landscape is mostly unchanged, which implies tremendous variation and peak jackpots of up to 10,000 times the stake. The All Action variations merely allow players to try their luck more quickly rather than dragging out base game spins. There are many ways to win, including by listening to the sacred numbers leaked by Sidney today directly from the center.

Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways All Action Slot – Features

There are various add-ons that can help increase win rates in addition to cascades and the gamble option. It’s a rather straightforward game where a successful combination requires 3 additional symbols, or 2 with the top symbol. The Dynamite Wilds, which appear on the horizontal reels and can replace any other pay symbol, are perhaps the most common.

The TNT Mystery Symbols follow, and when they land on the reels, they all reveal the same matching symbol. Finally, if 3 or 4 of the gold bag scatter symbols appear anywhere in view, you’ll receive 5 or 10 extra spins. Becoming a winner is a goal, so learn about Singapore’s 2d dream interpretation too.

Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways All Action Slot – Conclusion

Gamblers may already take a chance on the Original Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways because it was a well-rehearsed piece of equipment. In the All Action edition, players can carry over their enjoyment into the bonus round. These high-stakes slots aren’t for everyone, but if you loved the first one, there’s a good chance you’ll like this one too.

So, will foreign gamblers be enticed? Unaffected individuals can purchase the feature on the original Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways for 50 times the stake and benefit from higher symbol values, therefore it’s possible but also possible that they won’t.

What All Action slot in the Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways All Action Slot should limited players choose? Well, the choice ultimately depends on personal preference because there is no clear winner. The opportunity to take a risk at first for further spins may be appealing to players who simply can’t get enough gambling possibilities. When it works well and you raise the total, the outcome is fantastic; but, if you lose everything, it is agonizing.

The next difference in the name of Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways All Action Slot between the two is that Diamond Mind All Action can provide more spins, but it also carries a higher risk—a true gamblers’ slot. You have more control over the number of spins in Buffalo Rising All Action, and you begin the round with a significantly higher multiplier.

Everything else, including the images, animations, and theme, is more or less the same. When it comes down to rules and mechanics, it’s wonderful that players even have that option at this point.

Blueprint’s concept for these All Action slots like Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways All Action Slot is intriguing, and it offers big bettors and UK players who don’t have access to buy features a choice. Even though it is still early, there doesn’t seem to be any buzz or attention surrounding the first All Action spot right now.

Overall, the Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways All Action Slot line offers a fun substitute and an extra gaming choice. Will Blueprint try to fill as many of these All Action slots as they can before the pressure builds? They might, but for the time being they give players of restricted slots who want to make large bets another opportunity.